Young teenage girl sitting in a field of brush in a pink off-the-shoulder oraganza dress picking a flower from her surroundings while staring off into the sky.

Why I Love Being a Photographer in Orange County

I had a couple of portrait sessions recently where my clients drove to me from Los Angeles or La Canada to my area in North Orange County. They were interested in finding someone from my area, instead of around theirs because they said that they realized our area had “better vegetation” and a more “natural” look.

I always like to tell my photography clients that I’ve been a photographer since 2014, and I have driven up and down Southern California in search of the “perfect” location for photoshoots. I used to shoot at a random park in Pasadena by the Colorado Street Bridge (this was when I lived there before I had my oldest son). I also used to have sessions at an Ultimate Frisbee course in La Canada, but the people who were there to play Ultimate Frisbee were less than thrilled about seeing us there (even though we did our best to stay far away from where they were playing).

When we moved to my area in Yorba Linda, one of the main reasons we decided to settle down here was because I could see all the natural beauty of this area whenever we drove by on the way to Irvine. My husband would point out the window of our car to the town and all the vegetation you could see from the freeway while we drove by, and I could see right away that this part of the OC was more beautiful than a lot of other places I have seen in Southern California.

Settling down here has been even better than I imagined, and I love that we found our home in North OC. We have been here since 2016, and one of the main reasons we chose this place was so that I could have my outdoor sessions here. I love where I live, and am so grateful to have been able to find my place here.


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