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Your designs should be captured by someone who has years of experience working for some of the most well known fashion brands in the industry. Whether it is a huge collection dropping for the season, or a couple of outfits you would like to have photographed, I have done it all and am able to plan and execute everything that goes into the world of fashion photography. I would love to work with you and your brand on getting the best product shots I can for you on models you will love! Every detail will be taken into consideration for your fashion photography session, and you will get gorgeous fine art fashion photos of your designs that you will love displaying on your website or on social media. 

your incredible designs captured beautifully on perfectly posed models

Looking for an experienced fashion photographer for your designs? You have come to the right place! I would love to hear from you about the outfits you would like to send, and together, we can go over options for models I have living nearby in Southern California. We can go with a model I have worked with before, or we can find someone new if you want! Either way, I am more than happy to make sure we get just the right model with the perfect fit for the items you would like to have photographed for your business! 

1. Say Hello

2. send me Your designs

Once we have lined up the models you would like to have modeling your clothes and you have decided on which pieces you would like to send, you ship your items to me! I immediately get to work on preparing for your session by figuring out which props and accessories would go best with the items you sent. I fully steam and fluff the outfits I receive, and check them carefully for any loose threads or imperfections. I then get in touch with the models and set a date for the fashion photoshoot we will be doing for your designs.  

3. your fashion session

On the day of the session, I spend time getting the models ready with hair and makeup. I then go over all the last minute details to ensure everything is as perfect as possible. I spend a lot of time making sure the outfits are straightened or draped beautifully and correctly to capture them in their most ideal shape with all of the important details showing as clearly as possible. I also pose the models in a way that helps to really highlight the beauty of your designs. I also offer professional fashion videography options if you would like a video to showcase your design Videography is great for capturing movement and intricate details. Just let me know if videography is something you are also interested in!  


After your fashion photoshoot is over, I cull through the photos very carefully to find the best front, back, side, and detail shot (if needed) I can find for each item you sent. I always look for the photos where your designs look the best. I then spend a lot of time editing each image to make sure everything looks as perfect as possible. I edit very, very carefully for color to make sure the designs look as accurate as possible for your customers. I also fix any minor fit issues as needed (any major fit issues will have already been addressed during the model search). I then send you your images as hi-res digital files in an online gallery. 

5. your pieces

After I am done photographing all your pieces, I can either send back the outfits (I just need you to send me a pre-paid shipping label in order to do this), or I can keep the pieces and they become a part of my client wardrobe. Many of the brands I have worked with in the past have gifted me their items, and they ended up getting more high-quality images of their items when I used them for my client portrait sessions. If you opt to have your outfits returned, I check each one very carefully to make sure any accessories or pieces it came with are all there when I put the items back in the box. I then ship the items back to you. 

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You put a lot of time and effort into coming up with your designs. Why not have them captured beautifully and professionally by an experienced fashion photographer with years of experience working in the industry? Reach out to find out more about my fashion photography rates. 

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perfect for selling your product

In A Fine Art Fashion Style

Your beautiful designs

Your designs deserve to be captured in a way that showcase their details best. These photos will sell your pieces, so invest in something that will be worth its weight in gold. 

Use the beautiful high-end images you receive to advertise and sell your product on your business website, or to run ads on social media. The images can also be used as prints for magazines or as posters for your business. Whatever you decide on, you will love seeing your designs photographed professionally on models. 

"Next to my family, Esther's photos are the most valued thing in my life." -Flora

"Esther is amazing. Her attention to detail and knowledge is priceless. She is also very professional, courteous, and my daughters loved her. She did such a great job and I definitely recommend her to family and friends!" -Cynthia 



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