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The Newborn Experience

You have come to the right place! Let me walk you through the process of having your photos taken by me. Whether it has to do with what to wear, how to pose, or which props (if any!) we should include in your portrait session--I will help you every step of the way! With the years of experience I have working with my clients on their sessions--I promise to make it easy and to help you feel confident and beautiful during your session. As a certified makeup artist and hair stylist who has worked for years in the Los Angeles and Orange County beauty industry, I will use my knowledge and understanding of beauty both during (and after!) your portrait session to ensure you look your best in your photos! 

breathtaking moments captured with love and experience 

Whether you're currently pregnant, thinking about becoming pregnant, just had a baby and suddenly decided you want photos, or just love looking at luxurious fine art photos of newborn babies, you have come to the right place! Reach out, say hello, get to know me, and we can chat about what you would love to see when it comes to newborn photos. Don't be afraid to ask all the questions, I am more than happy to answer them! Once you feel ready to move forward with booking, just let me know and we can move forward with booking you for your newborn portrait session!

1. Say Hello

2. Schedule your SEssion

Once you have chosen me as your newborn photographer, I send you my contract and an invoice for the non-refundable retainer. Once you sign and pay the retainer, I leave room in my calendar around your due date to make sure I am not overbooking and have time to work on your session with all of the time and attention to detail it needs. Once your baby is here, you message me so we can officially pick a day and time for your newborn's photoshoot. I only do newborn sessions on weekdays, which means you will be able to pick a day and time that is convenient for you. 

3. ask me Anything

After you book, we begin the process of planning and going over your vision for your dream newborn session. Which colors would you like me to use? What kind of poses were you most interested in? Which props should we use during your session? My styling for newborn photos is based on high-end elegant setups using simple, natural props and soft colors that leave most of the focus on your beautiful baby. You can show me which rooms you would love to hang your newborn portraits in, and I will plan a newborn session that will result in luxurious and meaningful artwork for you to hang on your walls and that go perfectly with your space! 

4. Your Session

On the day of your session, you should come with a hungry baby who is ready for a full feed once you get here. When you arrive, you will give your baby a full nursing session before we start working on newborn posing. This will ensure your baby has a full stomach and is as sleepy as possible during their session. I will then spend the next few hours posing and shushing and taking photos of your baby in various setups I have prepared beforehand and have ready to go. My studio will be very warm with lots of heaters running at the same time--it will feel like you're sitting in on a hot yoga session. 

5. your photographs

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The Newborn Process


Tiny lips, tiny toes! All these precious little details of your newborn baby should be captured while they are this little.  As a mother of 3 kids myself, I know how fleeting this stage is. Preserve these moments as gorgeous artwork while you still can! My Newborn Portrait packages start at $1000.  

Orange County Newborn Photographer Pricing


preserved with heirloom Artwork

Fragile & Cute as a button

Your Adorable Newborn

I require a $500 retainer fee to officially book you in for your newborn portrait session. Once you book, we can start planning and preparing for your newborn portrait session!

After your session, we will meet on zoom to order luxurious  artwork from my professional printing labs for your walls. No other artwork will hold more meaning or be more beautiful than your own baby captured beautifully in stunning portraits for your walls. 

"Next to my family, Esther's photos are the most valued thing in my life." -Flora

"Esther is amazing. Her attention to detail and knowledge is priceless. She is also very professional, courteous, and my daughters loved her. She did such a great job and I definitely recommend her to family and friends!" -Cynthia 



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